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Boy “A”



This one started as a sketch on my kitchen table. I was trying to create a circular unity of the two creatures. When you think about it, that’s what the whole film is about… Merging the two frenchises. When I locked the sketch, I moved to the photo compositing stage using around 50 images. I tried to be as loyal to the original creature designs as possible. A lot of airbrushing and smudging followed the compositing. It took me about two days to complete the piece. The poster was printed limited edition and distributed online.

Nip-Tuck Season 5

In season 5, Sean and Christian move to Los Angeles. Considering L.A. style aesthetic surgery as a driving theme, loss of innocence and the idea of a fallen angel made sense to me. Angels lose wings when they fall on earth. The first image I had in mind was the sutures on the back. After various versions and photo-shoots, we ended up with this image, which won the Promax BDA television marketing award in 2008.